Dear Frank,

My name is Laura, and was wondering if you could give me some guidance!? I am going to go to Colorado next month to see if it might be what I have been searching for!? A friend has been encouraging me to come visit. Telling me that there are Jobs and Men for me where she lives? I have lived in Colorado twice in my Life, and loved the Mountains, and the way of Life! But have family and friends, where I live now. Going to take a chance and go to visit, with the intention of maybe staying? Praying that this might be the answer to my Prayers?! I am having a little guilt (Catholic), about maybe staying. Because I have elderly parents, and children, and grandchildren here in N.J.? I feel selfish! I have always been there for my family! But need to find my happiness?! Was wondering if I am doing the right thing? My money is very tight, since my devours with my X 24 years of marriage! My X owes me quit a lot of money! Do not know if I will ever see any, but I will not stop trying! I have had to start my life all over again which has been very hard, but humbling at the same time. I know it is true that every hardship has a lesson. So what I would love to know if I am doing the right thing? I have had so many regrets in my Life. And I am thinking if I did not try I will never know?! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!!! ~ Laura G.

Dear Laura,

The whole life thing is what ever you want it to be. I hear from my peeps that there are jobs everywhere if you are willing to work without weighing in the options of where you are working and for how much. They are just saying if you look around you can find what you are looking for readily available. This is a reminder that you are the co creator to what’s in front of you.

I hear that your emotions are your anchors. I hear guilt is an anchor, I hear fear is an anchor and I hear no confidence in yourself is an anchor. You are also lacking in trust that your life can get better. You are carrying too many emotional baggages that is limiting you in moving forward with your life. These are ego emotions keeping you in check.

I hear from my peeps to start listening to your emotional desires and act on these desires. They want me to repeat this. Start listening to your emotional desires and act on these desires. Follow your heart because if you ignore your desires you will miss opportunities that are meant to enlighten your life and bring you happiness. I hear to let go of the anchors, let be and let go.

I hear your trip is going to be wonderful. There will be some ups and downs but mostly ups. Allow the courage to escape you and enjoy. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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