Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I feel that I have a few abilities and know that my purpose is to help others; what advice could you provide on proceeding with this. I do have fear of being overwhelmed by the information provided to me, because that has been the case before. Any insight would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks – Amber B.

Hello Amber,

I hear to have patience with life and allow for it to unfold as it should. Use your inner judgments, not others, to be your guide. There are many single words to work with and understanding them. I hear for you to take the most frightening word and work with it on your own terms, like the word Fear. Fear lies at the root of all failures. Like the word Failure. If you did not feel you are going to fail, you would not have fear. I hear from your guides to transcend the word failure to something more positive. They would like you to look at failure as a learning experience that when viewed as a learning experience gives you a better sense of direction. It will bring clarity on your journey and help in making the road less tiresome with more enjoyable. Again, there are lots of words around you but work with one word at a time and change your perspective on a truer outcome with positive results.

I hear from my peeps to believe in yourself. You do have abilities that you can tap into and learn how to work with them. For you to grow on any ability, you will have to come to terms with the word failure. There is no such thing as failing, just learning. I hear to work with your breath and to focus on balance. Yoga is a terrific exercise in balance and I hear it would do you wonders to not just do it but feel it throughout your being. Yoga will bring calmness into your life when performed properly and I hear it will lead you to better meditation. These are avenues defined by your guides to help in alleviating anxiety that is fear based.

You will do well I hear but you must have patience. I also hear to schedule in some time for the things that you would love to be doing. Get out and enjoy what life has to offer without being trapped by other people’s opinions. They weigh on you. Ask Arch Angel Michael to remove any negative energy that is attached to you and he will gladly do it. It’s all in your perspective, not anyone else’s. Reach for the outcome that you demand from the universe and it will appear. Be positive in all your thoughts and life changes. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Namaste ~ Frank

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