Dear Frank,

I ask this question for my beautiful 17 year old daughter not for myself, as I cant bear to see her sadness. She has had a dreadful year of illness with constant migraines and nausea and even ended up going for a brain scan which thankfully was ok. She is a bright and beautiful girl.

She has great intuition herself and in my darkest days in 2003 when she was only 6 found the most beautiful pure white feather on Gold Hill in Shaftesbury and gave it to me. She told me God never closes a door without opening a window. She gave me the strength to carry on. Now I feel I need to help her. She broke up with her boyfriend of a year last week and is devastated. There was no warning and he even had bought her the most beautiful Valentines day rose I had ever seen.

She is heartbroken and demoralized. I cant bear to see her like this. I am hoping and praying she will find the strength to get over this and her illness and still be able to do her exams. She has worked so hard. I am hoping she will find new friends and new love and better health soon. Please can you tell me what you see?

~ Chesca

Hello Chesca,

Your daughter has some wonderful insight and in time many people are going to listen to her in great wonder. I hear she is going to be fine, but as for you, work must be done to release your unwanted energies that are tied to you. These energies also affect your daughter as she absorbs your energy. When you are down, so is she. When you are up, so is she. You two have a strong connection to each other.

I hear your daughter is very sensitive to energies. Energy is all around us even when you can not see it and it effects some more than others. Your daughter is affected more than you, so she is going to have to learn about protection. Try and get your daughter to learn about spiritual energy and how to work with it.

One of the things I am hearing from my peeps is called geopathic stress. This is an entirely different energy and can be very harmful. I hear to rearrange her bedding from what I believe to be the south wall and move it to the east wall. If you have a local dowser, you might want to have him check for underground stream that is under the house and the Hartman Net. A dowser would understand what I am saying and he can eliminate the Hartman net easily, but the underground water would be a problem. As long as you are not sleeping over it and you know where it is you will be fine. These are just other energies that affect our health and well being.

As far as her boyfriend situation goes, I hear that it is not your daughter that created this breakoff and that she should feel good about herself and release his energy. This situation could change but not until he releases a guilty block that he is holding on to. Thats all I hear about that.

I am not a doctor, but there is a spirit guide that is a healer around her. I hear there is an unbalance. She might need bloodwork done but check other than the normal. Its like they are looking left and not looking right. I hear that the both of you should get out and get connected with nature. Mother Earth has a wonderful way of making us all feel well when we are down. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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