Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Please can you and your peeps help me. I am so tired of my life. I don’t seem t be getting anywhere. I am in love with a man that lives thousands of miles away from me and I miss him so much. I try to be a nice, kind, caring person. I try not to step on other peoples toes, I give way to a lot of things as I don’t like conflict. I just feel that no matter what I do, I am wrong, that nothing will ever go right for me. It has actually gotten to the point a number of times when I’ve thought of ending it all. At the moment this is how I feel.. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have asked my angels for help and I don’t seem to get a reply or assistance. What am I doing wrong? I have tried being positive but I feel negativity all around me. You are my last hope, I hope you can help me in answering how do I get my life back and be with and be happy with the man I love. Thanking you in anticipation of your help.

Love and peace ~ Cheryl B.

Hello Cheryl,

I hear from my peeps that your whole way of thinking needs a shift in direction. I hear you are more concerned for the outside world with no concern for yourself. You also get caught up in the magic of daydreaming. All is not good when you give and give and not get anything in return. All is not good when you dream of a wonderful life and do not listen to your inner feelings on moving forward. You are caught in a trap of belief that is not allowing you to grow because your belief says that you can’t without this person. This thinking consumes you. Understand that this man will always be somewhere, so there is no reason for you to sit idly by just waiting. I hear to get up and do something that you have a passion for. Just allow life to be and focus on your happiness and joy.

I have to say that it will be hard for you to actually shift gears in a new direction but I hear that you can do this. Hear are some words from your Angels.

Trust–Trust in your emotional feelings about life being wonderful. Trust in yourself and your decisions

Self Acceptance–Find the courage to accept the subtle feelings of your being. New roads await you.

Listen–Do not ignore your creative side that challenges you with newness and adventure. It is truly awesome and frees the spirit.

Divine Timing–Things happen and come into play for reasons we do not understand. When the moment is right, like magic, something happens and we see in a new light.

Friendship–When you allow yourself to be you and not force yourself to be someone else, you will find people become attracted to you. New friends.

Power–You own your own power and no one else should be able to take it from you. It is ok to say what you truly feel from the heart, even if it hurts someone. It is your right.

Playfulness–Go out and be a child from time to time. Dance, build sand castles, ride a bike or whatever tickles your fancy. Enjoy and have fun.

New Beginnings–If you just do any one of these things, it will start a chain reaction and put you in a better direction going forward.

Freedom–I hear that freedom is just around the corner.

I hear to keep Archangel Michael close by at all times. He is a protector and you should call upon him at any time to help in situations that are weighing on you. Ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative energy that is attached to you. You should learn on how to protect yourself spiritually, as there is a lot of baggage that gets attached. Call upon the Angels anytime you need some help, they are there for you.

I hope this helps. God Bless.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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