Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I was in a hospital for 3 yrs from age 3-7 at Kings County Hospital, in Brooklyn NY. I am 65 yrs old now married with 3 adult children. My life is good but I don’t understand why I have pain all the time. I meditate and believe in the DIVINE I’ve had surgery after surgery. Life is hard for me because of my physical pain. On top of that my children have had terrible car accidents. They are fine but it feels like I am unlucky yet lucky.

My question is why does life keeps throwing me under the bus?

~ Alba K.

Hello Alba,

I hear from my peeps that you will be better off if you stop thinking that you have been cheated throughout your life and to be more grateful for what you do have. This is about you and nobody else. You were caught up in your journey always looking behind, out of fear and never looking forward. Your actions were dictated out of a sense of continuous worrisome of failing and your motherly side could not help when needed the most.

You have done a great job in life and you should take the time to recognize your accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back and be proud. This is what my peeps are saying that will help you rise from the hole you are in. Its all about feelings and you have let your feelings of happiness and enjoyment go to the wayside. Bring them to the front and allow your energy to glow and rub off unto others and watch the changes take place around you.

I feel pain in your back and I can only tell you that there are alternatives to getting well and feeling better without so much pain. Always listen to your doctors but be open to other avenues. If you can take some pressure off of your spine and glow with happiness, it will help with the pain. I hear a detoxing of chemical waste will also help your body to heal a lot faster. Accompanying a detox, eating fresh vegetables and fruit will be a blessing in disguise. Have a more positive outlook on life and the universe will help to bring it to you. Years of frustration has taken its toll and it is time to release all the frustration. Be Happy. I pray this helps in you going forward.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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