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Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Why do I worry so much?

~ Thanks Ann Marie

Hello Ann Marie,

Life is all consuming, even more so for a few that are motherly in there nature. You are one of them. I hear from my peeps, that your emotions go up and down based on feelings for even things that are not in your control just simply by hearing, seeing and feelings.

I hear specifically from the Angels that it is time for focus on yourself. There is work ahead of you to accomplish time for yourself, for your well being. A mother can only do so much and must allow for the development of everything else to unfold as it is supposed to. All the things that go on will eventually be ironed out in the universal way of learning through experience. That is the way it is meant to be. Coming to terms with allowing, will free you of the pain of failing your motherly instincts.

I also hear from the Angels in taking care of yourself. If you can not take care of yourself, you can not take care of anything else that you might want to help with. It is ok to help only when asked and I am being reminded that you can also say no without regret. That is something that you have to work on. Also a statement about body care is also letting you know that you are beating yourself up mentally and physically at the expense of others. This process will undermine your health. I hear that past experience has led you here and looking back in time and letting go of this experience will help in the ease of moving forward for yourself.

Be the mother you are, but put yourself first and foremost. Call upon the Angels when going to bed and ask for peaceful sleeping in the white light. This will help with you sleeping better and waking up a little more refreshed. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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