Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Could you please tell me if my husband will regain his partial loss of sight after this stroke ? We are just devastated especially him as the doctors took away his driver’s license. I’ve been praying constantly but we need some hope in this situation! Please in GOD’s Holy Name help us !! Thank you .

~ Lois L.

Hello Lois,

I hear from my peeps that it will take a mammoth leap in faith in his abilities to be able to heal himself. It is like flipping the switch on an electrical circuit. Off, there is no power and on, there is all the power you need. I feel the sense of defeat and if he allows that feeling to sink in deep enough, he will never get his sight back. He has to look past all opinions and let go of what he hears in the way of negativity and start to believe from within. Negativity comes in many forms, doubt, a non positive statement or the hint it would be a miracle. To him it would be nothing short of a miracle to get his sight back, but miracles do indeed happen. Do not limit this to being a hopeful miracle but rather a test in his journey that challenges his belief system. Believe is a powerful word. All sorts of magic happens when we believe in something, especially in yourself. Every individual holds the power to change and heal themselves.

I hear to use all sorts of information gathering on eyesight to use for a foundation of a visual aid for his mind. Keep going over it until his inner mind can see the eyes and how they work. This is a positive step in creating a positive outcome. Its like self hypnosis or in another sense its like meditation. What you can see and create in your mind helps in bringing forth a desired positive result.

I hear to release fear. Fear is a block that prevents people from moving forward. Let’s talk about Power now. He like everyone else has his own power and he like everyone else must take back his or her power, as it belongs only to themselves. It does seem selfish but it is his and other people know how to take it from him. This weakens him and limits his abilities. Learn how to protect yourself from family, friends, coworkers and anyone that gets under his skin. He can protect himself by surrounding himself in the divine white light of love by visualizing this light when needed. Ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative energy that is attached to him and this will make him feel lighter with less burden attached.

I hear to be open to new ideas. Look into new avenues about sight in the medical world abroad. There is a lot of information out there and it could be a blessing for him. I hear to research a diet that helps in a healthy body. The body is a wonder all in itself and if maintained correctly, can just amaze you with what it can do. I hear sight is reachable. I hope this helps and please let me know if he regains his sight.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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