Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I’ve been a member with y’all perhaps two months and love reading everything that’s available.  Here’s my inquiry.  After my last session with my advisor I was told that I have the “gift”, meaning the abilities to become a medium.  For years I’ve received signs, many bouts of Deja Vu, seeing things out the corner of my eye, knowing outcomes to situations before they happen, making lots of good decisions based on nothing more than my gut feeling.  In recent months, I’ve begun the journey to fully grow this gift and there’s a lot of information and opinions available on the subject.  I’m specifically interested in growing in the area of Angel work.  Is this what’s right for me AND will I be able to grow my ability to where I can help others?  Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

~ Leona S.

Hello Leona S.,

The first thing that I hear from my peeps is called sharing. I hear that a class in Love will open you up to understanding more about life. It seems that to live with the poor and take care of the elderly will enhance ones awareness about life. It is like going to school to learn more about your feelings and understanding life. It would be called an awakening and this would put you in the direction that would benefit all. What was just said is a light hand slap to get your attention.

I hear that with your abilities that you have, you can already be helping others in divine guidance and more specifically in healing. I also hear that you are already connected to the angel realm and that working with them is already taking place. I hear to learn how to meditate in a sacred place on a consistent basis. This will help in bringing clarity and getting answers that no one else can answer. You are a Light Worker. Know this and feel it by reaching out to the universe in meditation. It seems you need to understand that even an undesirable on there journey also heals others in there lifetime. I also hear to keep the divine white light surrounding whenever you think about it. This is a shield of protection that will keep the emotional baggage of others from attaching to you that can possibly distract and change your being. Trust in your abilities is a must and by continually advancing your schooling you will find your path. Share your abilities to help others and the universe will keep you very busy to heal many. I hear you will teach others someday, I do not know when and I only work within a year. Try not to worry about how to heal others, just do what you already know. You also hold a lot of power with your voice, hence speaking or teaching. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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