Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Will I change my job?  It is easier in my comfort zone.

Thank you, Gloria K.

Hello Gloria,

I hear that a job change is in your future. I also hear to keep an upbeat and happy energy around you at all times. The work you are doing now will go a lot easier on you by being happy. This happiness will help in manifesting something new coming your way. Understanding how the universe works will help in bringing forth newness into your life. It is called the law of attraction.

I hear to schedule down time for yourself, so you can do some things that really excites you. I also hear that writing is something that would stir your imagination and bring in a breath of fresh air. Find some time to mix up your routines and enjoy other things that is right outside of home. This means to get out and explore the world. Work with your angels and they will work with you. I do see joy in your job within a years time. I get 9 and that indicates 9 months from now, working becomes comfortable for you.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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