Dear Frank’s Peeps,

My question is will any thing good ever happened to make my life a bet easier? I’m so tired of nothing good ever going my way. Every time I get to take one step forward, I always end up taking three back. I never get time to myself. No one treats me with respect, even though leave myself without to make sure they don’t want. I run around after every one, I’m so tired.

Hoping to hear from you

~ Martins Breen

Hello Martins,

I hear from my peeps that life will get better in your lifetime, just not soon enough to your liking. I hear to practice liking yourself. This is new to me. I hear that in the practice, learning will follow. That is learning to like yourself, which can lead to learning how to love yourself. It seems that you have no secrets to hide and that you are an open book. Everyone knows this book and they all seem to know how to create scenarios for your life without guilt. You on the other hand absorb all the guilt. Release the guilt and you will set yourself free.

I hear from my peeps to spend sometime on yourself. Dress yourself up pretty and feel great about it. It is not about just looking it, but Feeling It. Play the part of feeling great about yourself. You are deserving of not feeling tired and not allowing abuse of yourself. Take small steps in doing for yourself the things you would like to be doing and watch them bring a ray of light into your life. Also learn how to protect yourself. You have attachments from all areas around you. The worst attachments are the ones you are not aware of and they can drain you also. There are some people in your life that are affecting you indirectly through association. Call it a bad crowd. Spend less time around these people.

For protection start with asking Archangel Michael to remove all negative energies from yourself. He will be more than happy too. Next they suggest in some stones. One for Love (Rose quartz) and one for protection (Blue Kyanite). Also saying prayers in the home for clearing out bad energy will bring in a breath of fresh air and remove the staleness. You can also accomplish this by Smudging, an Indian tradition of clearing bad energy.

I also hear to tell you that the journey is appropriately timed. Someone new is going to enter into your life that is going to bring in joy. I am also to remind you to work with truth and integrity. Follow your heart. There seems to be things coming your way for the better. I hope that helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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