Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I have been working for years to create a successful business. It has not grown as fast as I would like. Can you please give me some insight on how to move my company forward?

~ Jennifer B.

Hello Jennifer,

I hear from my peeps that all business’s have different driving mechanism’s that keeps them moving forward. Any one business will operate with one of these motors very efficiently, but if they want to be BIG, they will go through all the different motors of going forward. Patience is a word that I hear that needs to be understood. I hear that if you do your homework, you will see that you have comfortably grown an average of 40% a year over the last 3 years. Do not get down on yourself.

I hear to stop listening to fear of not paying your way. The universe will provide for those who provide for themselves. A reminder that you are providing and that the universe is working with you. I hear to work on stream lining your business.Follow closely that which is performing and that which is not and remove the ladder. Create a structure that rewards on performance in time spent on anything. It will help enhance the stream lining process. If anyone gets concerned about eliminating time for themselves, it should be explained that they are missing the whole picture. If you do well, so do your employees in the end. If they hold on to that fear of not making enough time to make money, then they are not needed. Have open dialog with any employee without feeling guilty for the person. You are all learning as you go and you do not have to slow yourself down on guilt. Nobody has to be where they do not want to be.

Create a structure of easy flow. Look at your entire business and find the areas that are taking to much time to get done. Look at ways to speed up or shorten process’s and remove those process’s that are not needed. Some process’s will have to stay and some can just be taken out of the equation, that is entirely up to you.

Meditate on the word “smoothly.” Use it for life and use it for running a business. Words carry incredible energy and you would like to have your life moving smoothly going forward. Also in meditation, ask your guides to help in opening up your creative thinking. You have become blocked by fear. Let go and let your colors fly. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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