Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I am very worried about my Mother. She has her home up for sale for over two years, which we found out that her house is built on Indian Burial Grounds and every time a prospective buyer comes to look at her home within a day or so they have changed their mind.

My Mom has been telling me that at night after she goes to bed she hears footsteps coming from her living room, and they go into her bedroom. She says that she can feel a presence in her room and than she feels hands touching her bed down by her toes and moving up along the top of the covers. She has felt someone sit down on her bed and even sit next to her on the bed. One night there was so much activity in her room that she felt hands on the top of her sheets trying to pull on them, and she was so scared she yelled at that presence to “please leave me alone, I just want to get some sleep!”

I have purchased the smudging spray in hopes it will help my Mother. I am really scared for her. Can you tell me when she is going to sell that house and what kind of spirits are these? Why are they scaring my Mom every single night? She is a very religious lady and she has been dealing with this problem for quite a while, but didn’t want to say anything because of our religion. Are these spirits stopping the sell of my Moms house? Please HELP!!!

~ Jacqueline

Hello Jacqueline,

I hear from my peeps that your mother is a lot stronger than you think she is. I hear that prayer is a wonderful equalizer to helping in this matter of spirit playing. Make peace with the spirits through prayer and keep yourself and your mother in the white light at all times. Just visualize the divine white light surrounding you. The light will block lower energy light from reaching you and visualize as often as needed. In your prayers include in giving thanks to The Great Spirit in the Sky and Mother Earth, as this will help in the spirits seeing your appreciation of them. Also try using Sage (Not Spray but White Sage that you are burning) for removing negative spirit from your home. Keep in mind that you have to put intention with prayer on the burning sage to remove the unwanted energy. Do this everywhere in your home, closets, cabinets, basements, attics and all rooms. Open a window in every room so the smoke from the burning sage can take the energy away, out the window and allowing the universe to reenergize the unwanted energy.

You and your mother must at all times not show signs of being scared or being frustrated. Always remember that you are in control and never give it away to anyone or any spirit. If you allow that to happen they will never go away easily and is a sign of weakness on your behalf. Being scared has a distinct vibration and rubs off on everyone around you, even potential buyers for the home. Energy is all around us and you are sending out energy that is not so good. That energy is felt by others even though you are not saying it.

Last thing you would like to do is have an energy worker go around your property and block all the negative energy that is directed at your home. You can google the name Slim Spurling and he found a way to block all negative energies. If there is a local dowsing person, you might want to inquire about him finding the energy lines and blocking them. There could be attachments of negative energy coming from a graveyard or a neighbor that does not like you. This energy also will prevent you from selling your home and moving on. Blocking this outside energy will also help in your home to become more stable and a happy environment.

Remember to stay happy, keep yourself smiling and be joyful about life. Give thanks of gratitude and block all negative energies entering your home. I feel good about your house being sold within a year. I hope this helps.


Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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