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Dear Frank’s Peeps,

My question is simple and maybe also complex. For the longest time now I have been trying to learn about my spirituality so I can be who I am truly meant to be.

I keep feeling like I’m on the brink of something but I think my human mind shuns the idea of being right about certain things. I feel like I possess certain gifts. For example, I am very good at “reading” people. Knowing whether or not to trust them. I’ve thought that maybe I was an empath, but I’m not sure. Then maybe that I was an earth angel. I’ve read about some of the characteristics and some fit me, and some I’m not sure about.

Will you please help me and tell me what you see as far as my gifts? I am finding myself confused about it all lately. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it.

~ Kara

Hello Kara,

Nothing is ever that complex unless you make it that way. I hear that if you find yourself going back and forth with decisions, to let it go and consider it a draw. It is too much wasted energy in a battle of ego versus conscience. The conscience is the spiritual side of things and the conscience can keep you up at nights. Let go of doubt and work with what you feel is right. Doubt is put there by the ego and ego does not go away easily. Learn how to trust in your feelings being right on. Put things in perspective and follow your gut feelings. I hear that you are so close that you can taste it.

Trying to learn about your spirituality to figure out what you are meant to be is also using a lot of energy that can be used in other ways. This is like a dog that is chasing its own tail. If you stop chasing it and took the time to see what you are doing, you would realize that you are already spiritual. Spend time doing what tickles your fancy and in that action your journey becomes a lot more clearer and a lot more joyful.

Remember that the ego is shunning your true realizations and it is not your mind at all. I hear that you are gifted and that past life’s energy is coming through and enlightening you to info already achieved. In other words you are remembering your past. Work with what feels right to you and all will be well.

You are very intuitive, so again follow your inner guidance system and trust in the thoughts. I am to understand that you are a Light Worker. You came here purposely during this time in history to help in the evolution of humankind. We are entering the age of Aquarius and we are moving into the 4th dimension. There are a lot of lost souls that are looking for help in everything to know about life and how to go forward. I understand that you have a gift of calming. Calming will help to get people to feel better about themselves, which leads to moving forward. You are a confidence builder. You also carry energy in your body and you are able to direct this energy. You will need to work with your chakra system for an extended time period to be able to use this energy for the benefit of other people.

Remember to trust in your abilities and work with what makes you happiest the most. I hope this helps.


Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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