What Job Will Bring Me Joy and Financial Abundance?

Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I have been working in the human resource field for about 10 years now. I have had a lot of success and growth in my career, but I can’t help but feel as though I need/want something more meaningful.

I am also a psychic, medium, and animal communicator, but for some reason, any time I have started to pursue those avenues, I stop. I am not sure if this is fear based.

When I tune in, I don’t really receive a clear answer as to what type of career/job would bring me the most joy as well as financial abundance.

~ Eileen

Hello Eileen,
Stability in one’s life is very important to oneself. I hear that you want to keep the stability as it is a comfy zone that is hard to let go of. I also hear that you are very skilled in communication. You are able to feel a language through vibration. It is another way of being able to understand without speaking.

I hear to break away from comfy and indulge into some chaos. You have a belief in your system about your talents that keeps you guessing about the validity of your gifts. The belief word is the problem. This leads to fear. I can pick up on your ability to speak and get anyone’s attention with ease, but I cannot pick up your strong energies tied to psychic or medium ship real well. This all stems from lack in belief. The chaos part is to let yourself get involved with psychic and medium ship stuff and feel good about it. The more you do, the more you trust in it. Trusting in it will take you to new levels of awareness.

I hear from my peeps that indeed you have the desires to accomplish more in your life for others. I also hear that speaking is something you will be doing. Lecturing, teaching or maybe doing seminars are all avenues that are in your journey. I see a lot of writing also for you.

I hear to spend some time in meditation. Use the meditation time to focus on a place of harmony that allows you to connect with other spirits. Ask for a doctor spirit if needed or ask for an ascended master for a spiritual awakening. So use meditation to help in facilitating for calmness in your life and this will help in clarity in moving forward. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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