Can an Angel appear as a person

Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Can an Angel appear as a person? I think I met an Angel when I went to the Graveside of a recently past auntie. I missed the funeral, and she began to tell me how she died and how my uncle was coping and some of my auntie’s last words. She said she was a friend of my cousin. She timed her visit to the grave at the exact time as me. I can still feel the warm smile she gave out.

~ Margaret

Hello Margaret,

Angels can appear as humans at any time and anywhere. Angels also appear as light and can also be felt surrounding you with their wings. Angels are Love beings, directed by the Divine to bring us Love and messages.
They are there to comfort us and guide us. They will help you in any situation that you are in and you only have to ask.

There are many realms of Angels and they all do different things based on what God has commanded them to be doing. There are many stories out there that can be found in regards to people meeting Angels. Here is one site but know there are many.

I hear from my peeps that the cousin is an Earth Angel and her being there was to give you comfort and to reassure you that all is good. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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