My life like everyone else’s life has been filled with excitement, ups, downs, wonder and even pure joy. All these wonderful flavors of life and there are many, are really emotions at work. The emotional body is what drives us to new heights and takes us to new levels of being spiritual. We never question why emotions affect us spiritually because most of us do not understand what being spiritual really means and the emotion itself has full control over you. But there are some that know exactly what the emotional body is doing and just go along for the ride, constantly learning and applying it to the life ride. For these people are happier, healthier and seem to be having a lot more fun with life in general. Thats because they have learned life has a lot to offer, allowing it to flow to them and they work with their emotions easily. These people are also at the forefront of creation. Emotions create a lot of new thoughts that will go into motion for creation. It is a God thing that was purposely put into place to create new. If you would like to know what the definition of emotion is, you can go here and read all the different definitions. Otherwise what I know though comes from my peeps in a more scientific explanation that I can relate to. I am a harmonic being and harmonics is a big part of my past, eg other lifetimes.

There are many words that all have the same meaning. Here is a list we should know.






 All of these words mean the same thing. They are just variations used in a society where a certain group understands Energy over Frequency or Harmonics over Vibration. Our universe is vibrationally changing throughout its entirety. We are just cords of vibration that are interconnected in the universe.

We are beings of 3rd dimension vibration. We are also perfect beings tuned to be in perfect harmony while in a positive vibration state of mind. We are also beings with many energy fields that are used as receptors or simply antennas for the entire energy system that exists in everything and everywhere. That is your intuitive side we all know about but fail to listen to. We are all connected through this energy system that is in the entire universe. Now some people are more affected by the energy flows than others. These people are usually deemed emotionally unstable and are left alone often. It is information overload for these people only because they do not know how to slow down the flow of info coming from all the energy around them. These people are affected  by other people’s emotions and they usually do not even know it. They can help themselves by learning how to protect themselves (that is another class). Know these people are very smart because of the flowing information that they can hear. They just cannot decipher the information.

The power of thoughts. Thoughts also travel the vibrational highway to and from all points connected. Thoughts are real things created by everyone and thoughts can change the world and beyond. Thought is what is changing us now and everything is moving faster and faster going forward. What you think does indeed change what happens in your life. Positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative results. You are the creator of your world and this holds true to everyone. No one escapes this process. This is scientifically proven. Here is a link that with a piece of equipment will show the energy change that happens with the thought process in humans. This will show you that what you think does indeed change the energy around yourself.

It is a little long, but it will show you the energy around yourself that you never knew existed. I personally work with dowsing rods to find unwanted energy and remove it from my home and surrounding area. Protecting from negative energy will be discussed in another blog post.

It is important for you to understand a little bit about energy around us and that it affects everything in your life, from your emotions to world peace. If we all thought the word Peace at the same time everyday, it would bring Peace to the world. Remember that what you think is created and changes your world. This is powerful stuff. The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Change your Thoughts Change your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer are excellent reads or audio books to help change your vibrational self to being in a more positive place and attracting to yourself what you want in life.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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