Angel offering Veil

Dear Frank’s Peeps,

With all the things going on the world, sometimes I hesitate to ask the angels for their help. There are billions of people on this planet, and some of my concerns seem so trivial in comparison with their needs. Are there times when our angels and guides say “enough already”? Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

~ Mary

Hello Mary,

It is never a bother for any Angel, to ask for anything that you need help with. There are more angels than you can count and all are there to assist in giving you love and attention. At any given time there are probably up to 5 or more Angels around you giving you attention. Appreciate these beings and thank them for being there with you. They work with Love as the Devine has told them to share in Love to everyone with no exceptions. There is no help from them that is also trivial. All problems rank the same and across the board.

I see you also mention guides. Angels and Guides are two different beings. Angels are Love beings and they keep love around you and nurture you as you grow. They nurture you in love and try to get you to understand the word love. Guides on the other hand are the equivalent of being a teacher. Your guides will change as teaching is needed for different experiences. Guides can be bankers, builders, artists and so on. Guides as much as they love you can also be a little ruff around the edges. They do bark at you a lot, but they still love you. Angels do not bark, they just love you. Give thanks also to your guides. All spirits appreciate the acknowledgement of giving them thanks and that helps in bonding you with them. Do not underestimate the power of bonding and how that will help you in going forward. The enough already could come from a guide and if that were the case, another would step right in and continue your training.

One last thing. All Angels give Love to you and that would be all that Devine has asked them to do. Devine also told the Angels they can help anyone, only if the person asks for help from Angels. Angels cannot just do for you, they have to be asked and then they can assist in helping you. Simply said, they have to be invoked by you.

I was not interrupted by my peeps with this knowledge, so I think this is good to go. OOPS, they just interrupted and said there is more to know, but in time. I hear that someday history will be corrected and all truth will come out. Take baby steps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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