Dear Frank’s Peeps,

My sister began to show me faces that you would ordinarily miss unless you looked very closely in the background of pictures, on clothing, on the wall of a building, on peoples clothing, curtains, and just tossed laundry hanging on a chair. These faces don’t look friendly. Do you know what they are and why they are here? Can everyone see them, or just some people? Do you think purging will remove them? Or could they be the eyes of the LORD that are in every place beholding the evil and the good? I am very spiritual.

I have been awakened in my home by what sounded like angels wings moving quickly down the hall. I got up and looked to see if my hubby was home early from work to see no one. Well we are just renters at our present home. I did once live in a home where I felt the presence of someone sitting on the bed beside me, and turned over to see no one.

A few strange things occurred in that place, and early as an adult, I had that awful sleep paralysis happen a few times. It was scary. I felt like I was being held down, and the more I struggled to get free the harder it got. When I relaxed it left me. Felt like a force that started at my feet and moved up all the way over my body, and once it got all the way over I got free.

My family is very sensitive to the spiritual world. I had an uncle who died from cancer. When he was sick, he said he saw the devil in his home and was frightened to go to sleep a few nights afterwards. I know this is a lot, just giving you some family history. Anyway thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you. My hubby thinks we are all nuts, the whole family, yet he too admitted he saw the faces, once my sister showed him.

~ Orvay

Hello Orvay,

I have to tell you, I definitely love imagination. I hear from my peeps that imagination is a vital key to moving on to doing great things. Imagination is a world where there are no boundaries and creativity work hand in hand. Its where normal meets abnormal and we put square blocks in round holes. With imagination, everything works in unison. Know that thoughts are real things and suggestion is a powerful word. Being influenced by others through suggestion happens all the time and us empaths get caught up in what the source is trying to send out. In this case it is faces of all kinds. I understand from my peeps there is an insecurity issue of being watched coming from someone. I am not clear on who it is, but it is in the air. Imagination stirs the thought process into creating and there the faces are. Tell yourself all is good and find other more comfortable images that can also be created. Do not get caught up in this good and bad stuff as it will send you spiraling into a rabbit hole.

I hear you do not have to purge anything, but if you want to feel more comfortable you can smudge your home or have some prayers of cleansing and love spoken throughout the home. This can also be done at the workplace as I am not sure where you first picked up this energy.

Being awakened at home of noises is also common everywhere. I hear from my peeps that indeed angels are around your home as they are being asked to help in matters of urgency. Know that the angels are there and bringing in love to your home. Put thought into being surrounded by the divine white light at all times, even during sleep as this will help in keeping negative energy from getting close to you. This will also help in better sleep time. If you feel there is a negative energy present, you need to stand up to the spirit and tell it to cross over because it is now time to move on. You must be in control at all times. You mention the paralysis and this is just you leaving your body at night and you are having a hard time getting back into your body. You have a soul, spirit and identical energy fields of yourself that connect with the universe at night and travel.

Work with your angels always. Ask Arch Angel Michael to remove any negative attachments that you may have. This will help in how you are feeling during the day and ask anytime you feel down.

I do not feel any horrible energy around you so I hope this puts your mind at ease. At night say a prayer or mantra before bed of what you would like to be feeling and getting for tomorrow. Also add in surrounding yourself in the Divine White Light of Love during sleep as this will help in a more calming sleep. The power of suggestion is POWERFUL. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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