Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Why am I always struggling in my love life?  I try to be a good partner and here I am alone again.

~ Donna

Hello Donna,

I hear from my peeps that you are blocking the flow of the wonderful source energy and bringing into your life what it is you want the most. You will have to teach yourself how to eliminate self taught thinking about how you feel about yourself and see the world filled with wonder that just keeps bringing and bringing happiness to you. The universe is never sending negative anything to anyone. It is a never ending supply of positive that just keeps coming and coming. The universe brings to you everything that you ask for, but for many of us our thoughts block the wonderful positive flow and we just do not see it. Many times it is right in front of you. One thing I am hearing is that you are not allowing. Allow yourself to receiving love. Do not put any pressure on yourself by putting limits on love. Let love and allow. You will know the right person when they arrive.

I hear for you to spend some time in a quiet place and do a little reflecting on childhood time. There are some answers there that will help in the removal of blocks. Once removed you will find that the universal flow of energy will bring to you what it is you seek. I also hear for you to listen to Jerry and Esther Hicks in the Law of Attraction. I hear that listening to the book will help you understand with a little more clarity. You are a good soul that needs to awaken to a new way of thinking. A more positive way. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Namaste ~ Frank

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