Akashic Records for a business

Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I want to read Akashic Records for a business yet I lack confidence in myself to be good at it. I have been told on numerous readings that this is what I am to be doing.

How can I build my confidence up with this?

~ Nancy

Hello Nancy,

I hear from my peeps that your lack of confidence in proceeding forward in reading Akashic Records has to do with doing it right and not failing on getting it right. I know you have heard in other readings that you should be doing this, but you need to sit down and ask yourself is that what I really want to do? If you want to do this, take baby steps in reading about Akashic records first. No pressure and no time associated with completing any task in understanding the undertaking of such a task. With no pressure on yourself about moving forward in Akashic reading, you will find it enjoyable reading and you will gain a more positive outlook in doing such a service.

I hear to find time for yourself and spend it on learning about meditation. Your guides are talking about to much noise in your head and it is leaving you all confused. You need to slow down and not pay to much attention to everyone else’s opinions. In time you will learn to listen to yourself and follow your dreams. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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