Find my life's purpose and have prayed on it

Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I have been on a spiritual journey for sometime now-more so the last couple of years. I am trying to find my life’s purpose and have prayed on it.  Although some options have surfaced, I still am not quite sure.

How do you become positive of what it is you were put on this earth for?

~ Michele

Hello Michele,
Being on a spiritual journey is nothing more than listening to your heart guide your life accordingly. If you are listening elsewhere, it is not your journey. I hear to take a look at yourself and ask the question, who’s journey am I on? You need to answer that without any help from anyone.

The guides are trying to make you aware of the now through the use of all of your sense’s. I am sure this is confusing you and keeping you in a fog. The problem I hear is the lack of trust in yourself. Trusting in anything is taking a leap in faith with a magnitude of energy that would rock an island to its core. You must firmly believe in your abilities, leaving no room for doubt and then you will be able to clearly see the forest through the tree’s. All of your senses will come alive and you will be amazed at how everything around you becomes very sharp and clear. I hear to take baby steps using the word trust. Do anything simple that uses your senses in learning how to trust your senses. For instance—-Stand in a corner in your room with nothing in front of you, close your eyes and take 2 steps forward. Now open your eyes and feel great about the trust used in performing such an easy task. Allow yourself to work on trust as often as you can.

In time your life’s purpose will come forward on its own and you will be able to see it very clearly. In the mean time, play with all those options you have. There is no substitute to experience learned. When you begin to trust in yourself, you will become quite confident in who you are and what you can do. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Frank Borga

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