Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I need help from God/Angels, when will they help me? I know Divine Timing but need help now!

~ Christine S.

Hello Christine,
From time to time, the spiritual energy from within each and everyone of us gets totally confused with its purpose and direction. We also become irrational in our thinking which causes our natural compass to fail us. We start thinking out of panic and then we start blaming everyone else for all the problems that have manifested in our lives. I hear that you are about to enter this realm from which will take you further into the abyss.

The first thing I hear is to take up something that will bring calmness into your life. Meditation is a wonderful practice that will absolutely bring peace and calmness into anyones life. It does not have to be meditation but anything that puts a smile on your face and makes you happy. It helps in taking a bite out of anxiety. What you would like to do is to bring a focus of clarity in your everyday thinking. Challenge what needs to be dealt with and eliminate the problem. There seems to be many problems around you that are not being handled decidedly and swiftly. What happens then is another leak springs up and you still have the other one that needs attention. This all becomes overwhelmingly drowning. I see circles and circles and circles around you. Its dizzying and it feels like you are chasing your tail. Find peace in meditation and during meditation ask your guides for direction and thank them for their help. It is up to you to hear and see the signs and act accordingly. I cannot stress enough the strength in doing meditation and what it brings to the table. Your desire and passion to make your life better will help you to accomplish the goals you want to fulfill and relieve you of the stress of being overwhelmed.

I also hear to do some strenuous exercising at the gym. This will get your endorphins jumping and this will help in relaxing you and releasing stress. It is also very good for unfocusing your focused problematic thinking. Be open to new ideas. I can tell you that it is time for change and change is indeed coming. Be more positive with life and be grateful for everything you have. Give thanks to your angels and guides and know that they are helping you unconditionally.

Breath-Breath-Breath I hope this helps

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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