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Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I am mostly optimistic, and then I struggle with anger and negative emotions.

I do meditate and pray. Is there something I can do to cleanse myself ?
~ Donna

Hello Donna,

I hear that you are very optimistic but you easily succumb to pessimism. You are a follower over being a leader and this action keeps you in a state of mind that see’s undesirable outcomes in your future. In some ways you are a seer. The difference between a follower and a leader is having confidence in trusting in yourself or not. The anger and negative emotions are associated with the feeling of failure. Build up your confidence and the anger/negative emotions will lighten up.

Keep up with the meditations but I hear to be more focused on your meditations with serious intentions. Serious intentions are what you are looking to gain in meditation, whether it is calmness or health. It is of your choosing. Use a violet flame of an imaginary candle to focus on during meditation. Set a meditation schedule early in the morning every day at the same time and focus on your outcome during meditation. When spirit see’s that you are serious, they will start to communicate with you and let the fun begin.

When you can have more fun and laughter in your life some emotions will melt away and the cleansing will have started. Spend some time on yourself and do not be selfish to yourself. This will help.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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