Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Can you please tell me what the Angels have to say about ascension. And if I’m doing all I can to help with my ascension?

~ Evelyn

Hello Evelyn,

The Angels would like you to know that the thought about ascension alone, puts you halfway there. Ascension is a journey that includes all facets of your being and connecting all those facets that will bring you to an understanding of the I AM presence. Its all about the knowledge you gain and the wisdom you will have in your hand. How you choose to use this wisdom will determine your place in the universe. Do not limit in your thinking and take action as needed.

The Angels do not want to discourage any one individual from achieving ascension by telling them that it is very difficult to achieve, but it is very difficult to achieve. I hear from the Angels that we are moving into a new level of vibration that is going to speed up the process of ascension. Unfortunately anyone that is here now will still have work ahead of them. Here are some things to pay attention to for helping in ascension.

1 – Take care of your body. Eat healthy and exercise.

2 – Work with prayer and creating your own mantras for the sole purpose of connecting to your higher self.

3 – Work on sensing energy.

4 – Meditate twice daily for at least 20 minute sessions

5 – Be happy, create laughter and treat people the same way you want to be treated.

6 – Show compassion and hold no prejudices to anyone or anything.

I hear you are doing fine and your real problem moving forward has to do with lack of patience. Listen to your heart, show patience and you will be fine. Do not let the list scare you. Grab it, feel it and soon you will become ascended. Also do not think about time. I hope that helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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