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Dear Frank’s Peeps,

My grandson tells me he saw an angel last night. What do I say to him?

~ Mary

Hello Mary,

I love it when we are taken back to childhood days. Those days were care free and fun in and amongst serious parents finding their way to a wonderful life filled with seriousness. Try to understand that children are on a whole different vibration because life is not serious yet in their life. Imagination is at its peak from inception to a few years into their life and nothing is impossible to children. What seems impossible to us is a walk in the park for children, even meeting Angels.

Now for your answer to your question. The first thing I hear from my peeps is to give your grandson a lesson in Angels. I hear not to make it long and confusing in definition, but simple and light in words. You can tell him that Angels are connected to all religions throughout the world and that they bring Love to humanity. You can tell him that Angels help any and everyone that asks for help. You can tell him that a Guardian Angel was assigned to him at birth and that this Angel will be with him for as long as he is here on earth. This Guardian Angel is his private protector and helps in keeping him spiritually connected to everything. I hear from my peeps that is enough for now. Remember for children that simple is best and they will resonate with what is good and what is bad. The Guardian Angel will guide in the decision process for good and bad and allow children to decide for themselves.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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