Dear Frank’s Peeps,

How can I tell my daughter to ask the Angels for help for a big problem? She need help with regards to her future in her job.

Thank you
~ Mary M.

Hello Mary,

Everybody’s belief system spiritually is different one from the next. I hear that having a conversation about Angels say over a cup of tea and in a relaxed environment is a good place to start. You can then feel out how she feels about angels and if she will allow them to enter. Do not push anything on her that she does not want. This will put a wedge between you and her. I hear that being a good friend right now is the best route at this time. It will help her with confidence on moving forward. Moving forward has many options that will present itself to your daughter and it will be her decision on direction. Having a strong ally is going to help her ease in transition to new. It seems like change is in her cards right now.

Your daughter is on a journey right now that only she is going to find the opportunities that fall to her or miss them completely. This is not bad as this has everything to do with learning and reaching her full potential. She is in class as we all are and she will find the confidence in believing in herself needed to get past her problem and start anew. Your daughter I hear is going to be fine after she lets go of   interferences from others around her. She takes things to heart to easily and needs to let some things go. It would be nice for her to focus on what she wants rather than what someone else wants her to want. Your daughter is changing. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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