Dear Frank’s Peeps,

My son was killed three months ago – how do I go on?

Thank you
~ Shaun

Hello Shaun,

I am sending you Healing, Light and Love. I cannot even imagine your feeling and I have compassion to all who have lost children.

First thing I hear from my peeps is to stop feeling guilty. Your son does not want you to have feelings of remorse and what if’s. He would like you to pick your head up high and strut the strut. Children, even older children are playful in the heart and your son would like you to be a child from time to time. Acting like a child will allow his energy, aka spirit to connect with you easier. He speaks of being outdoors is a place you enjoy, so find your passion connected to this place and be you. In yourself, you will find that the world is alive and your son is very much part of it, sharing it with you. I also hear something about running, maybe jogging. I am not sure what to make of it, but I give it to you.

I also hear from my peeps to focus on moving forward in all aspects of your life. Health, Spiritualism and direction. When I get this type of message, it is indicating life changes coming up in your future. Realizations and an awakening is coming about.

This will not be easy but needing to let go has to take place. Remember that letting go is not about saying goodbye, but about freeing yourself up and keeping your son alive in your spirit so that you both can move forward in a happier state of being. He is with you and always will be with you.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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