Dear Frank’s Peeps,

What is divine timing and how do you recognize it?

Thank you
~ Phyllis

Hello Phyllis,

Everything we do in our lives involves time and time is the key that unlocks all that we do. Divine timing is a point in our life that we recognize and acknowledge what the Universe wants us to recognize and then everything falls into place perfectly. Usually this means that you are in sync with the Universe and life will flow smoothly. This is a time in your life to keep thoughts positive and to let the Universe know what it is you are looking for. The more positive you are, the faster Time manifests your dreams. Recognizing divine timing is a very powerful tool that we all can use to raise our vibrations to a new level and live in harmony with all.

Do not force yourself to find Divine Timing as it will block the flow of energy to you out of confusion. Just keep a positive outlook on life, bring joy into your life by doing what makes you happy and allow all else to be while being grateful for what you have. I hope this helps you.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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