Dear Frank’s Peeps,

I’m 30 years old. I have a young daughter.

I’m in a rut and want to live my life to the fullest. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Thank you
~ Fiona

Hello Fiona,

I hear from my peeps that there is nothing wrong with you. You have a block in your root chakra that is not allowing energy to flow freely and an adjustment is definitely needed. I also hear that the sacral and solar plexis chakras can use an adjustment also. A block is nothing more than having to much food on your plate and struggling to clean your plate. The Root Chakra is all about being grounded in simple terms. The Root Chakra is about self preservation and your survival instincts. Basically you are overwhelmed with everyday life and trying to get ahead. I also hear that general relationships are not going well and your will power is continually slipping downward. These are the effects of the other Chakra’s I spoke about.

It is time to take two steps back and catch your breath. Exercise is something that will bring life back into your life. I hear to work with Yoga and specifically focus on your back and balance through your feet. Yoga will be wonderful as it will also teach you how to focus properly. You will be able to apply everything you learn from Yoga, to help you move forward in life.

Try not to get caught up in fears of anything. It is a trap set up by the Ego that will keep you from moving forward mentally. Work through your fears one at a time until you build strength in confidence. I hear that this is enough to start with.

I also hear to spend time enjoying life. Buy something you have wanted, write a poem, paint a self portrait or go on a camping trip. It would benefit you immensely by allowing yourself time for yourself and getting outdoors. Saying prayers of thanks to the Creator and meditating is also going to change your aura or energy for the better. I see down the road that life gets better on your journey, just have some patience. Your daughter will learn from you, and I understand that she will breath easier on this journey too. I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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