Dear Frank’s Peeps,

Please give me a reading.

Thank you
~ Kelly

Hello Kelly,

I hear from my peeps that you have a lot of anxiety filled moments regularly along with plenty of sleepless hours during the night. Stress seems to be the norm with no clear direction for peace and calmness entering into your life. I also hear that your body is not digesting food as well as needed to give you energy throughout the day.

I hear that it is time for adjustments in your life. First thing is to spend some time in releasing the stress by doing some exercising to the point of a little sweat breaking out. This is going to help in giving you energy throughout the day. It is also going to help with the anxiety attacks by slowing them down to a trickle during the day. The second thing I hear is to get into the practice of regular meditation. This will also help in releasing anxiety and stress. Meditation will also help you to heal and bring to you guidance about things going forward in your life. This is a new way of life but it will bring peace and calmness to you also. I hear that you do some of these exercises, just not to the extent your peeps are asking for. I also hear to change your eating habits to a more balanced diet that is on a normal schedule.

Also, Earth itself is changing and it is affecting everyone on it. I hear to start enjoying the moments that make you happy and hold on to these feelings as long as possible. These vibrations will change your vibration into a more happier state. Try to also have more thoughts of Love and Peace towards yourself and others. As time goes on, you will start feeling the Earth affects more and more but you will be better prepared in moving forward.

I hear that your are a smart person in language and speaking. I am to tell you to be creative by writing what tickles your fancy. You will be good at it. Take a night off and go out to play, you deserve it. Do not take too much stock by what your peers are saying, listen to your heart and you will find a new journey that will open up in front of you like magic. 

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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