Dear Frank’s Peeps,

When do the angels see my husband getting a job? We are trying everything to secure a position with no luck.

Do you/angels have any advice?

Thank you
~ Maureen D.

Hello Maureen,

After sitting on your question for awhile, my peeps finally came back to me with some words of wisdom.

There are two things your husband would like to remove from himself.

  1. The aura that surrounds him is carrying a bitter taste of blame and judgement. It seems that he is holding onto the energy of failed attempts at getting a new job. He is judging negatively against society in those attempts and it is creating a block in receiving for his highest good. Not only is he having difficulty with society, but he is also blaming and judging himself. You would like to get him to feel that he is worthy in receiving gifts from all and the Universe. I also hear that some of this energy block comes from the past in his life. He should be proud of his accomplishments in his lifetime knowing that he did the best he could and in that there is no failing energy to take on, period. The motto should be “Life is Good” all the time.
  2. Remember to give thanks of gratitude for everything in his life and know that it is always in his highest good to not hold judgement and blame to anyone, more importantly even to himself. I hear for him to go play catch and to smile and be happy every time he receives the ball in the glove. Learn how to receive wanting it Happily.

I hope this helps.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do


Frank Borga

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