Hi Frank!

I wanted to wish you a very happy new year and to thank you once again for answering my question all those years ago, when I wrote in.

Now.. almost four years later I can tell you that my life has changed and improved over the years. I healed the relationship with my mom, and now I have a strong pull towards getting creative and embarking on a artistic adventure, with learning how to draw. I tend to worry a lot and getting creative is such a wonderful past time. I’m now 27 years old and wrote to you when I was 23.

I still have my ups and downs but it’s all part of being human and living life. You reminded me of having faith in the decisions that I make even if it’s not easy. Thank you and your peeps for the help all those years ago. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
~ Nadia

Got my email reading today! Thanks so much. Freakin’ awesome reading. Unbelievable how accurate Frank is. His reading is a huge help and inspiration. He also backed up things I had already thought. Very interesting.
God Bless,
Sue xo

I just finished listening to Frank’s reading twice and want to thank you and him so very much! The reading is helping me already; I’m amazed and will definitely refer him to my friends right away this evening. Frank is the real deal. Thank you, thank you! I’m a customer for life 🙂

“Frank gave me a reading that was extremely moving. The content he saw was precisely in line with the challenges occuring in my life. However, I benefited most from the direction I received and some personal “research” I conducted afterwards. Applying the aforementioned, gave me inspiration and answers I desperately needed. Thank you Frank.”

~ Michael H. – Toms River, NJ

“Frank has given me several readings, each one of them were dead on!  His insight has been most helpful in the direction that I have taken.  I value and respect Frank’s psychic ability.”

~ Mary M. – Pt. Pleasant, NJ

“Frank has channeled information for my spiritual growth and I was able to take the next leap with the information provided by spirit and create a connection to energies as I have never experienced before. I bless you Frank for your journey on this beautiful Earth.”

~ Pamela L. – Lakewood, NJ

“I fully appreciated Frank’s reading… working on restoring my chakras. God Bless.”

~ Cindy W.

“Frank, you gave me a reading once, to my surprise everything you said came true! I just didn’t for see it because it wasn’t one of my strong points. God bless you for that reading. Thank you, you are one of the best Mediums!!!.”

~ Josephine M. – NJ

“Just had a GREAT reading with Frank! He has such wonderful insight. He really provided me hope and guidance for the future! I needed that! Thanks Karen & Frank! Happy 2012 ♥”

~ Jae R. – PA

“Want to highly recommend a reading with Frank. He along with his peeps do a wonderful reading and when I gave him feedback on how it resonated with me, he gave me additional clarification which I didn’t expect. I was highly impressed and I felt what he said for me was very accurate and I am looking forward to see how all this unfolds for me in the months ahead. Thank you, Frank!!!”

~ Fran Conway

“Frank, Thank you for the reading for making sence to my cloudiness. Hitting the nail on its head. I rate it a 5 star! Thanks you so so much!”

God bless ~ Erika Williams

“My first reading with Frank awesome reading. I can listen to my reading because it is a recording and just find peace knowing all is well. I do not understand some stuff but I know the universe will let me know what is up when the time comes. I am very happy and recommend Frank to anyone looking for some insight as to what is going on with you and spirit. Thank you Frank !”
~ Namaste, Laura C.

“An email reading done right on the mark…Frank also took the time to further clarify any questions I had to help me understand my reading. Thank you ”
Thank you ~ Elisa D.

Thank you very much for the reading from Frank, I loved the information and will keep referring to it often. I appreciate your insight and just wanted to thank you so much!
~ Bonnie Harris

Please tell Frank thank you so much!!!! His reading was so spot on it gave me chills. ~ Deborah Trela

Many thanks Frank from both of us! You are right on the marker and your advice is so much appreciated! The noisy family you hear is because we’re Italian for starters, and our 5 year old son keeps us on our toes, lol! Thank you once again for your remarkable reading and blessings to you & Karen always! xx
~ Joanne Z.

I keep listening to the audio recording of my email reading. I can’t get over how much he knew about me. If you need guidance Frank is definitely someone who can help. Thank you so much for clarifying everything for me.
~ Lisa W.

I am truly thankful for the reading from Frank. I am very impressed. The subjects he spoke about make total sense to me. The “trouble” in my life with a person and then the “male” in my life. I know exactly what Frank is talking about and no doubt it was hard for him to feel my energy, I am an unbalanced person. I feel it, but didn’t really know how to fix it. Frank gave me many ideas and I will absolutely do them. I hate feeling sad and anxious for no reason, I believe that’s the thinking he says I do, it’s off and I know it. My eating, and needing to detox is totally true. He has confirmed many things that I was already thinking. I am touched by my “red angel”…..I love my reading and am going to put into practice what Frank suggested.
Thank you so much and God Bless, Sue

WOW ~ PLEASE TELL FRANK A BIG THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR GUIDANCE HE GAVE ME .. I actually sent the question and had forgotten about it and I am so thankful to have received such an amazing gift/response from him. You both are amazing.
Tons of love and Thanks ~ Joni

I wanted to say thanks a million, your reading was really helpful, insightful and I appreciated it very much. Wishing you much peace and many heartfelt.
Thanks, Donna

Hi, You were right on the money. You said I had strong hands – I am a Reiki Master
You said I was living in hope – I am
You said I should listen to the music more – recently started weekly jive sessions. You spoke about travel – I am going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks. You said I was across water – I live in the UK. You said you saw animals – I have 2 cats and a farm in the family. Thanks for the extra time – I appreciated it. So glad to were so right. And I work spiritually – you mentioned that too. Namaste

~ Marian

Frank was extremely accurate! Even down to me seeing the doctor last week and being in a “slump” which happens when you are grieving. It was perfect and I appreciate everything that he brought out! Thank you and Frank is very gifted!>
~ Pat Nicholson